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To replace
a tooth

When a tooth is broken or missing, it can be replaced with a crown on the implant.

Why is it advisableto replace a missing tooth?

Tooth loss leads to jaw bone loss, causing aesthetic and functional problems. Adjacent teeth may shift, affecting chewing and causing imbalance. If several teeth are missing, the jawbone will atrophy, making the face appear sunken as facial muscles also attach to the jawbone. In effect, the bone is no longer stimulated by the force that was applied to it, which necessarily leads to bone loss if tooth replacement is delayed. In this case, bone grafting may be necessary to place an implant. That’s why we recommend replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible.

The dental implant solution

Dental implants are the only solution that prevents bone loss, since they are inserted and anchored directly into the jawbone. The implant behaves like natural teeth, maintaining the health of your jawbone. Also, unlike other options such as a fixed bridge, a dental implant does not require grinding away the enamel of teeth adjacent to the edentulous space in order to bond a suspended tooth. What’s more, hygiene is much easier, since the teeth are not paired together.

When a tooth needs to be replaced and is in the esthetic zone, we can extract it and replace it with a temporary screw-retained crown in the same appointment – with rare exceptions.

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