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What is dental rehabilitation?

Dental rehabilitation is an approach that aims to provide comprehensive, holistic management of a person’s oral condition. A range of treatments are used to address a variety of problems and restore function, comfort, chewing and esthetics to the entire dentition.

Dental rehabilitation is a holistic approach to managing a person’s oral condition by treating different problems at different levels of severity. These problems include :

Premature wear of teeth due to bruxism, abfraction or poor lifestyle habits;

Tooth alignment problems, such as overlapping teeth or teeth that are too far apart;

Occlusion problems resulting from a poor relationship between the upper and lower jaws, often accompanied by dental and jaw pain;

Missing teeth, which can lead to reduced bone volume in the jaws;

Speech and chewing disorders that can result from the above-mentioned problems.

Dental rehabilitation uses a range of treatments to restore function, comfort, chewing and aesthetics to the entire dentition.

Dental rehabilitation offers several common solutions to a variety of problems:

Dental implants: to replace missing teeth and support replacement teeth.

Dental bridges: to replace up to two adjacent missing teeth. They can be attached to healthy teeth or to implants for added strength.

Dental crowns: to cover and reinforce damaged, worn or devitalized teeth. They can also be used for aesthetic purposes to improve the appearance of a tooth.

Dental prostheses: whether partial or complete, fixed or removable, traditional or implant-supported, there are several types of prostheses to replace several or all missing teeth on the same jaw.

Les prothèses dentaires : qu’elles soient partielles ou complètes, fixes ou amovibles, traditionnelles ou sur implants, il existe plusieurs types de prothèses pour remplacer plusieurs ou toutes les dents manquantes sur une même mâchoire.

Orthodontics: to correct tooth alignment problems and jaw malocclusions.

The steps involved in dental rehabilitation are as follows:

    1. A complete analysis of your oral problems to explain the specific elements of your oral health.
    2. An evaluation of possible options and solutions to offer you the right treatment for your specific needs.
    3. The choice of treatment adapted to your health and budget.

If you think you need dental rehabilitation, please contact our professionals at Centre dentaire et d’implantologie LaSalle to book an appointment or ask any questions you may have.

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